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17th - 22nd of May 2020

Only 2 of 7 spots left!

5 day photography workshop to the hidden gem, the Faroe Islands. Workshops are limited to 7 participants and hosted by the professional photographers Hans Christian Strikert & Jan Winther - both instructors are Manfrotto Ambassadors.

Included: 5 nights (single room) at the 4.5 star Hotel Føroyar along with all meals, transportation at the workshop, etc.

I learnt so much and my camera confidence grew and grew over our time at the Faroe Islands Workshop. Hans Christian and Jan were the perfect instructors and hosts - I’d recommend this workshop to people of all ages and abilities.
— Annie (England) - participant Faroe Islands 2018+2019 workshops

The Faroe Islands has everything a landscape- / wildlife photographer could wish for!

Stunning locations with grand mountains, valleys, steep cliffs, waterfalls and so much more.

Everyone can attend our workshops and you will benefit highly from these workshops no mather your entry skill level.

Share your photography passion with other photographers!

Mjørkaðalur, April 2019 workshop

Mjørkaðalur, April 2019 workshop

Workshops in May each year

We only host a few workshops to the Faroe Islands each year to ensure the highest quality on each workshop. We strive to make the best schedules for the workshops - we find the right balance between seeing as much as possible but still have enough time at each location for exploring and 1-on-1 time with the instructors.

The workshop will take you to the very best landscape locations on the Faroe Islands. This workshop will give you the broadest reach on the Faroe Islands in regards to the number of locations and is the perfect workshop for the first time on the Faroe Islands.

All participants arrives a day ahead of the workshop with a dinner in the evening and a welcome class. The next day we take off early from the hotel and we will be on the road 10-14 hours each day. Northern light or aurora borealis is possible on the Faroe Islands if the conditions are right - we will of course grab any chance of photographing northern light.

Two of the evenings we will have a class room session after dinner where we will demonstrate our workflow process in Adobe Lightroom and also have time for individual help in regards to post-processing.

The schedules may change due to the changing weather conditions.

This workshop was outstanding. From the initial enquiry to the post workshop sharing of images everything was handled efficiently and professionally. We covered a huge amount of ground on the Faroes making the most of every minute but I have no regrets over the early mornings or late nights! I have many hours of processing to catch up on but already I feel that I have more quality images than I ever thought I would.
— Lindsay (England) - participant Faroe Islands 2017 workshop

Our workshops includes almost everything!

We have tried to make everything as simple as possible when it comes to our pricing of this workshop. While you are on the Faroe Islands everything is included - all nights at the hotel, all meals and beverages (not minibar or bar), tourism taxes, all transportation, etc.

We are staying at the best hotel on the Faroe Islands which is the 4.5 star Hotel Føroyar and everyone is getting their own room. We work together with 3 very good restaurants in Tórshavn that has a wide range of different dishes for everyone needs.

Payment is made by either full payment by credit card or bank transfer. Your booking is confirmed when we have received payment. If you for some reason want to cancel your booking we will do everything in our power to find a new participant for the spot but a full cancellation is only made when the place is taken by a new participant. 

The only thing we don’t include is airfare to and from the Faroe Islands as we have participants from all over the world - last workshop we had participants from Norway, Denmark, England and USA. Airfare tickets to the Faroe Islands are fairly cheap and you can get round tickets for as low as € 160 from Copenhagen, Denmark to Vágar, Faroe Islands. 

Pricing is fixed and payment must be made in euros. We are running all payment methods without any transactions fees at our end.

Key elements:

  • Full day adventures every day with different aspects of landscape and wildlife photography.

  • 5 nights included at the 4.5 star Hotel Føroyar.

  • Food and beverages are included for the whole workshop.

  • 1-on-1 instructions and review on the different locations.

  • Room for maximum 7 participants.

  • Participants will get full access for our e-learning portal.

  • Participants will get access to our interactive map with all our "secret" locations and much more.

  • Facebook group for all participants and instructors to share informations, images, tutorials and much more.

Everyone can attend our workshops!

Don't worry, no matter what skills and gear you have you can attend our workshops and get the maximum out of it!

A good health and being fit for hiking on a few steep hills is a must for this workshop as we are going to do a few hikes to get to the right spots. We are not in any way going to hike/climb on mountains - we will be following paths or else most moist/wet surfaces such as grass and moss.

We try not to set to many requirements for the workshop but instead recommendations - a strong recommendation is a set of good leather hiking boots that goes above the ankles to protect the joints.

In regards to camera gear we do recommend a high quality tripod system that can withstand a bit of wind without moving. When it comes to camera gear we mostly recommend to have a good variety of lenses preferably from the range around 16mm to 200mm.

The key sentence when it comes to gear is portability - that means you will need to have a good camera backpack which can hold all of your gear and is easy to access. 

A full gear recommendation list will be send out with the confirmation mail after you sign up. If you have any questions about this before signing up don't hesitate to contact us.


Hans Christian Strikert
Owner and lead-instructor


Jan Winther
Co-instructor and historian

The best workshop I have attended so far.
The instructor was very well prepared. Very good introduction before workshop to participant. The hotel was superb and the same was all meals. Long days, but we visited many good locations.
— Frode (Norway) - participant Faroe Islands 2017 workshop