FAROE ISLANDS WORKSHOP (April 22nd - 27th, 2018)

great deal in october and november!

Save € 160 but ONLY in October and November!

Our 5 day workshop to the Faroe Islands is by far our biggest workshop ever. We have made a strong workshop which will carry every participant through topics as landscape-, wildlife-, night photography and much more. We have made sure that this workshop includes everything, which means we are checking in to the best 4.5 star hotel, have rented a 9 seater mini-bus, have included food and beverages, pre-scouted locations, multiple classes and critique sessions, and most important a thrilling vacation where you will enjoy the wonderful hobby of photography. 

We are two highly skilled and motivated instructors and as we only have room for 7 participants that gives the opportunity for loads of one-on-one guidance from the instructors.

A part of our workshop is also to embrace the amazing nature that still can be found at these unique locations. Faroe Islands has everything when it comes to nature - you will see amazing mountain landscapes, beautiful waterfalls and streams, remote locations without much human interference, outstanding wildlife (especially bird wildlife), astrophotography and much more. The main focus of the workshop is landscape photography and the different aspects within that genre.

Our next workshop to the Faroe Islands will be held from April 22nd, 2018 to April 27th, 2018 - both days included. Arrival is on April 22nd, 2018 and this night at the hotel is included in the price. 

Key information

€ 2,595 € 2,435 (ONLY in October and November)

April 22nd - 27th, 2018

Group size
7 participants

Places left
5 places left

4.5 star Hotel Føroyar (5 nights)

Workshops also includes
Full day trips, 5 nights at the hotel, all meals and beverages, class room sessions, access to map service and e-learning portal, transportation on the Faroe Islands + much more.

MORE INFORMATION after the image below.

key elements of the workshop:

  • Full day adventures every day with different aspects of landscape photography.
  • Classes with many different subjects - f.ex. composition, landscape photography, northern light photography (if possible), sunrise- and sunset photography and much more.
  • Hands-on instructions and review on the different locations.
  • A unique opportunity to gain new friendships and learn from your fellow photographers
  • Post processing workflow in Adobe Lightroom CC and when needed Adobe Photoshop CC.
  • Open discussions and critique sessions within the class room.
  • Room for maximum 7 participants.
  • 5 nights included at the 4.5 star Hotel Føroyar.
  • Food and beverages are included for the whole workshop (Monday to Friday).
  • Participants will get access to our interactive map with all our "secret" locations and much more.
  • Participants will get an official high quality t-shirt (navy blue color) with our company logo on.
  • Closed Facebook group for all participants and instructors to share informations, images, tutorials and much more.
  • Participants will get full access for our online e-learning portal.
  • NEW: Exclusive 20% discount on Spark triggering system from Alpine Labs.


Our workshop starts Monday morning with a morning shoot before the official welcome. We have included 5 nights at the hotel which means that arrival is on Sunday the 22nd of April, 2018. 

The schedule may change due to the changing weather conditions.

  • Day 0: Arrival on Sunday the 22nd of April - workshop starts the next day (night included).
  • Day 1: Welcome session at 9:00 local time, full day shoot (Streymoy & Vagar), class room session and night shoot (Saksun).
  • Day 2: Full day shoot (Eystroy) and sunset shoot (Streymoy).
  • Day 3: Sunrise shoot (Streymoy), full day shoot (Streymoy) and sunset shoot (Streymoy).
  • Day 4: Sunrise shoot (Streymoy), full day shoot (Vagar) and class room session.
  • Day 5: Feedback to the instructors and goodbyes / checkout. Workshop ends at 10:00 local time.

As we want to get the most out of our time on the Faroe Islands we encourage our participants to study for the workshop from their home. We are providing videos and guides beginning a few months before the workshop through a joint closed Facebook group. We have also our own e-learning portal on our website with our own post-production tutorials.

Topic for the class sessions will be composition, HDR photography, workflow in Adobe Lightroom CC, from RAW to JPEG, finding the good locations from your home, review and critique of the attendees pictures from the workshop and much more.

More information after the IMAGES below.


The price for this 5 day workshop to the Faroe Islands is only € 2,435 (ONLY a deal in October and November - normal price is € 2,595) which includes a single room at the amazing 4.5 star Hotel Føroyar (5 nights), breakfast buffet, lunch, dinner, beverages with meals (water, sodas, coffee, bear, wine), access to conference rooms, bridge passes and much more. It is possible to upgrade your room from a single to a double room which lowers the price per participant to € 2,295.

It is possible to bring a family member so they can stay with you at the hotel. The family members can not join us at any of the workshop activities - both in the class room and when we are on trips around the Faroe Islands. They are more than welcome to join us for dinner in the evening in Tórshavn. There are plenty of opportunities on the Faroe Islands to have a very nice vacation and there are a lot of guided tours around the islands. Contact us before signing up to learn more about bringing a family member with you.

The only time you will need your wallet on the Faroe Islands is if you arrive early or want to stay a few nights more, buy a souvenir, extra drinks or some snacks!

As participants to our photography workshops come from many different countries the price does not include airfare/transport to and from the Faroe Islands as well as the travel to and from the airport. If 4 or more participants are arriving at the same time at the airport we will provide a pick up at this time - we don't provide pick ups if you arrive at the day the workshop starts which is Monday. In the sign up confirmation you will receive a guide with the best and cheapest ways to travel to the Faroe Islands - as an example you can get a round trip airfare ticket from Denmark for as low as € 160.

Sign ups after October 14th, 2017 will be charged in full within the 5 day periode after signup.

It is up to the individual participant if they want to pay the full price at once or pay a € 400 deposit - we prefer full payment. Whether you choose full payment or the initial deposit you must pay this within 5 days of receiving the confirmation e-mail - this is the final confirmation of your sign up. After deposit is made you will have to pay the rest at the latest October 14th, 2017. 

If you cancel your sign up the € 400 deposit will not be refunded. If you paid in full we will refund the 2195 euros if cancellations happens at the latest October 14th, 2017 - after this date we will only refund the rest if a replacement is found.

The price is fixed no matter how the exchange rate may vary. We accept payment through bank transfer, the common credit cards and PayPal - the buyer will pay all transaction fees. We are adding a transaction fee of € 80 (removed in October and November!) if you want to pay with a credit card or PayPal. Bank transfer is by far the cheapest and just as safe a way to pay for the workshop. There are no fees on our end if you pay with bank transfer.


Requirements and recommendations:

A good health and being fit for hiking on steep hills is a must for this workshop as we are going to do quite a bit of hiking to get to the right spots. We are not in any way going to hike/climb on mountains - we will be following paths or else most moist/wet surfaces such as grass and moss. We try not to set to many requirements for the workshop but instead recommendations - a strong recommendation is a set of good leather hiking boots that goes above the ankles to protect the joints.

The gear requirements for this workshop is of course decent camera gear such as a good DSLR/mirrorless camera body (not necessary a 35mm full frame body), a good variety of lenses - from the range around 16mm - 200mm on a full frame body, a good steady tripod and probably most important some good personal outdoor gear. 

The key sentence when it comes to gear is portability - that means you will need to have a good camera backpack which can hold all of your gear and is easy to access. 

A full gear requirement and recommendation list will be send out with the confirmation mail after you sign up. If you have any questions about this before signing up don't hesitate to contact us.

The instructors are using a Canon EOS 5Ds, a Canon EOS 5D mrk. III and a Nikon D610 body along with a line of professionel lenses from both Canon, Nikon, Tamron and Sigma.

We are not able to know every camera body but we are extremely skilled in both Canon and Nikon DSLR full frame bodies and as you register which bodies you bring to the workshop we will do some homework before the workshop.

Testimonials from previous participants:

We have an excellent rating from previous participant that have attended our 5-day Faroe Islands workshops. We have selected a few that you can read below and the rest you can see on our dedicated testimonials site.

Absolutely fantastic week. Nice people, very well planned program and awesome locations.
— Morten (Norway) - participant Faroe Islands 2017 workshop

I am a beginner photographer and avid traveler that was looking to grow my skills in a new and exciting environment. The Northern Workshop exceeded my expectations for both my personal growth and the overall travel experience.

This workshop was a meticulously planned yet flexible to the needs of the group and the ever changing weather on the Faroe Islands. I learned from both the individual and group coaching on composition, technical application, and post production as well as from my fellow photographers in the group.

The pricing structure was an incredible value in that it included everything - lodging, meals, transportation, pre-planning and educational material before, during and after the workshop. Lastly, it was the diversity of the group in both experience and nationality was the pleasant surprise.

I made lasting friendships and learned more about Danish, Norwegian, and English cultures on a personal level. Overall the workshop is highly recommended!
— Douglas (USA) - participant Faroe Islands 2017 workshop

This workshop was outstanding. From the initial enquiry to the post workshop sharing of images everything was handled efficiently and professionally. We covered a huge amount of ground on the Faroes making the most of every minute but I have no regrets over the early mornings or late nights! I have many hours of processing to catch up on but already I feel that I have more quality images than I ever thought I would.
— Lindsay (England) - participant Faroe Islands 2017 workshop

Endorsed by the best:

We are endorsed by some of the best companies within photography and travel. We have a joined partnership with Alpine Labs and Manfrotto which makes us able to bring demo gear to the workshop. Our partnership with the tourist information (Visit Faroe Islands) gives us all the local contacts we need and gives us the edge on the local knowledge.

next workshop april 2018!

The images below are from our 5-day landscape photography workshop to the Faroe Islands in April 2017.