We deliver unique photography workshops


Our goal is simple...

... produce the best photography workshops to unique northern locations.
We want to give every participant hands-on tools to create great landscape photographs.

We take fellow photographers around the northern part of the world to some of the very best locations. Our next destination is the wonderful Faroe Islands for a 5 day photography workshop in April 2018.

Next workshop april 2018!
More than 4 seats available!



Join us on a 5 day workshop to the wonderful and unique Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic Sea.
This is a photographers dream location for more or less every aspect of landscape photography.

The next workshop will be held April 22nd, 2018 to April 27th, 2018 - both days included. 


Read about the founders/guides of "Northern Workshops" and how we gained our know how.
We are strong in our philosophy behind our products and have the customer in full focus.

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