We are two very experienced photographers who on a daily basis are running a very successful photography studio in Aarhus, Denmark.


We are one of the biggest and most productive wedding photography businesses in Denmark with around 30 weddings each year.

Our team consist of Hans Christian Strikert and Jan Winther. Hans Christian - also known as HC - is the founder, organizer and instructor and Jan is an instructor.

Both Hans Christian and Jan are Manfrotto Ambassadors in Denmark.

We both have an outgoing passion for landscape and wildlife photography which have taken us to the Faroe Islands many times.

To showcase our work from our studio and wedding business take a look at our website www.strikert.dk - the website is in danish as it is a local business. 


Hans Christian Strikert
Founder, organizer and instructor


HC is the technical guy who sets a pride in knowning everything a DSLR camera can do. HC have been running his own photography company since 2011 and is also a trained paramedic with more than 10 years experience.

In both trades he is use to being an instructor and having a key eye on every participant making sure to give each of them hands-on time with him. HC is a Canon master and knows everything there is to using this brand.

HC have a big passion for the technical aspect of photography and therefor loves both landscape and night photography.

Jan Winther


Jan has been a primary school teacher for over 40 years before retiring in 2013 and thereafter taking up photography as his primary trade.

Jan is our "go-to-guy" when it comes to knowledge about the areas and local history. He is also a Nikon master and goes all the way back to the time where he had his own developing room at his home.

Jan has also a fondness for wildlife photography especially bird photography and knows everything there is know about birds - he is a member of the Danish Ornithological Society.


Since 2011 we have been providing some of the best workshops aimed at photographers on all levels. We set a pride in finding the very best locations and at the same time have the necessary "know-how" to raise every participant level of expertise.


We have a very simple mission with our workshops - share the fantastic experience of photographing some of the very best locations around the North Atlantic Sea. We want to share our experience from our photography company and give that experience / know-how to every single participant.

Since 2011 we have had more than 200 participants on our local workshops in Denmark and in 2016 we expanded this business to Northern Workshops. With this expansion our mission is to give every participant a unique experience and a real opportunity to drive one of the greatest hobbies - as photography is - to the next level.

Our workshops accept all levels - from the beginners to experts - and promise to be able to develop each skill set no mather what starting level you enter the workshop on.




We work together with the best companies within photography and travel to be able to provide the best photography workshops for our participants. In this section you will find the companies who we are endorsed by.


We have selected the very best companies to work with regarding our products.