Since 2011 we have been providing some of the best workshops aimed at photographers on all levels. We set a pride in finding the very best locations and at the same time have the necessary "know-how" to raise every participant level of expertise.

Our Mission

We have a very simple mission with our workshops - share the fantastic experience of photographing some of the very best locations around the North Atlantic Sea. We want to share our experience from our photography company and give that experience / know-how to every single participant.

Since 2011 we have had more than 200 participants on our local workshops in Denmark and we are now expanding. With this expansion our mission is to give every participant a unique experience and a real opportunity to drive one of the greatest hobbies - as photography is - to the next level.

Our workshops accept all levels - from the beginners to experts - and promise to be able to develop each skill set no mather what starting level you enter the workshop on.


A brand name is always extremely difficult to pinpoint - after many different names we have decided on Northern Workshops. The decision was made due to our goal of making the best landscapes workshops around the North Atlantic Sea starting with the Faroe Islands in April, 2017.

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Participants from the April 2017 workshop

Participants from the April 2017 workshop

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Endorsed partners

We work together with the best companies within photography and travel to be able to provide the best photography workshops for our participants. In this section you will find the companies who we are endorsed by.

Companies we work with

We have selected the very best companies to work with regarding our products.