I learnt so much and my camera confidence grew and grew over our time at the Faroe Islands Workshop. Hans Christian and Jan were the perfect instructors and hosts - I’d recommend this workshop to people of all ages and abilities.
— Annie (England) - participant Faroe Islands 2018 workshop

Note: This is a Google Translation from Norwegian to English.

Finally, I came to the Faroe Islands, which I have long wanted. Here I met 8 people who spoke PHOTO for 5 whole days !!!!

I’m not so good in English, but I understood a lot of what Hans Christian told me about, but I’m always afraid to ask in English !!! The whole course and the trip were great planned to the smallest detail and everything was, to me, absolutely perfect. The hotel, the food, the driver and Jan, who was very important to me. He was probably the only one who understood my language and it was he who helped me with the vast majority of questions. So good that he was with and “saved” the trip !! Thanks Jan !!

This was a great destination and we got to stop and see all that was and take pictures of. Hans C. knew where there were motives and he was very good at finding the right places! This was a great trip for me and I met many new photovoltaics whom I admired for their photo-taking and most were very good. I personally learn a lot about seeing pictures on screen and why it will be like this. How we use shutter, aperture etc. etc.

Very good trip !!!
— Hanne (Norway) - participant Faroe Islands 2018 workshop

Faroe Islands is an awesome place to visit for photography and Hans Christian and Jan had arranged a superb workshop and were really good guides and instructors.
— Thomas (Denmark) - participant Faroe Islands 2018 workshop

This trip to the 2018 Photography workshop to the Faroe Isles was the Best workshop so far, friendly staff
Hans & Jan most helpful, my photography can only get better as Landscape photography was definitely out of my comfort zone, I do now think that I can see the end photo with my keen eye, and almost mastered the histogram.
— Michael (England) - participant Faroe Islands 2018 workshop

This workshop was outstanding. From the initial enquiry to the post workshop sharing of images everything was handled efficiently and professionally. We covered a huge amount of ground on the Faroes making the most of every minute but I have no regrets over the early mornings or late nights! I have many hours of processing to catch up on but already I feel that I have more quality images than I ever thought I would.
— Lindsay (England) - participant Faroe Islands 2017 workshop

Absolutely fantastic week. Nice people, very well planned program and awesome locations.
— Morten (Norway) - participant Faroe Islands 2017 workshop

I am a beginner photographer and avid traveler that was looking to grow my skills in a new and exciting environment. The Northern Workshop exceeded my expectations for both my personal growth and the overall travel experience.

This workshop was a meticulously planned yet flexible to the needs of the group and the ever changing weather on the Faroe Islands. I learned from both the individual and group coaching on composition, technical application, and post production as well as from my fellow photographers in the group.

The pricing structure was an incredible value in that it included everything - lodging, meals, transportation, pre-planning and educational material before, during and after the workshop. Lastly, it was the diversity of the group in both experience and nationality was the pleasant surprise.

I made lasting friendships and learned more about Danish, Norwegian, and English cultures on a personal level. Overall the workshop is highly recommended!
— Douglas (USA) - participant Faroe Islands 2017 workshop

The best workshop I have atend so fare.
The instructor was very well prepared.
Very good introduction before workshop to participant.
The hotel was superb and the same was all meals
Long days, but we visited many good locations.
— Frode (Norway) - participant Faroe Islands 2017 workshop

A really great experience.
Well organized.
Instructor with a great drive.
— Robert (Denmark) - participant Faroe Islands 2017 workshop