Official a Manfrotto Ambassador!

We have some incredible news right up to the weekend!

For over 2 months we have been working with a new company trying to land a deal with them regarding our products. It is so important for us to find the right vendors and companies to work with and we are only looking for a few companies in total.

A few months ago we got an endorsement from Alpine Labs and last week we received another endorsement from

No reason to prolong this - we are officially an Manfrotto ambassador!

Manfrotto is a hardware manufactor who makes tripods, camera bags, tripod heads, etc. We have been using Manfrotto for ages when it comes to tripods and light stand - both in our studio in Denmark and with Northern Workshops.

We are quite humbled as there is only a few other photographers in Denmark who are Manfrotto Ambassadors.

With this endorsement we are able to bring a variety of tripods and other equipment to our workshops so our participants have the opportunity to try out different gear. We are also working on a discount deal for our participants on the listing price on Manfrotto gear - we will post a news about that at a later time.

It is of course also a huge pad on the shoulders for us as such a big company as Manfrotto is ready to stand behind our products and the way we do business.

Thanks to Manfrotto for thrusting us!

Have a nice weekend everyone.