Endorsed by Alpine Labs!

Today we are proud to be able to announce one of our biggest news yet! We are now an official endorsed partner with Alpine Labs who makes triggering systems.

Right from the start of Northern Workshops in 2016 we have been seeking out to partner up with a few select companies within photography hardware and software. It's important for us only to partner up with the companies that makes sense regarding our workshop products.

Through the many years we have been photographing we have tried out many different trigger systems but never quite found the perfect system. We have been using everything from the camera manufactorer (Canon, Nikon, etc.) systems to a lot of third-party (PocketWizard, TriggerTrap, etc.) systems.

Now "perfect" is always a strong word to use and it has been misused for years when regarding reviews. We are not looking for the perfect triggering system in general, we are looking for the perfect triggering system when it comes to our type of photography which is mainly landscape photography. We don't need a ton of features and 10 different ways to make timelapse etc. We need a system that can do long exposure, simple timelapse and a system that can be controlled by our smartphones.

In the age of smartphones we are living in it has been a high priority for us to be able to combine a triggering system with our smartphone, so we can both calculate and trigger the camera from one place - and that is from our smartphones. 

This is were Alpine Labs fits perfectly in with our company. Alpine Labs has become quite famous for their very succesful KickStarter campaigns with Pulse in 2016 and again with Spark here in 2017.

Our new endorsement is regarding the Spark triggering system which is launching in August 2017 with Northern Workshops backing up their KickStarter campaign.

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So what are we getting out of our new partnership with Alpine Labs.

The most important thing for us was to be able to offer an excellent simple triggering system with a nice discount to our participants.

We are proud to be announcing that all participants at our workshops are getting a 20% discount on the new Spark triggering system!

We are also bringing at least 3 sets of Sparks to our workshops so participants have the opportunity to test and work with the system. The 20% discount will be available both before and after the workshops so participants can purchase a Spark when the time is right.

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Alpine Labs started as a group of friends passionate about engineering and time-lapse photography. Inspired by weekend climbing trips to Yosemite, we help photographers and videographers capture their visual stories with the help of three flagship products: Radian, Michron, and Pulse. In 2012 we launched our first product on Kickstarter and in 2016 we manufactured our latest product for delivery to over 12,000 backers.
— Quote from the Alpine Labs website

We are very humble that we have been able to close this deal with Alpine Labs - there is no doubt that we are a smaller company but that is exactly why we are such a quality minded company!

As soon as we get the first Spark system in our hands we will do multiple post about this new product.

Thanks to Alpine Labs for believing in our company and endorsing us!