BTS: Our instructor Hans Christian

For a while we have wanted to go a bit "behind-the-scenes" of Northern Workshops. With this post we will launch a series of blog posts about the people behind Northern Workshops and how we run things.

We are starting out with our fonder and instructor Hans Christian.

Hans Christian Strikert

Fonder, photographer and instructor at
Northern Workshops

Married to Sofie and farther to two girls, Emma and Liva.

Professional photographer and instructor. Also trained as a EMT/paramedic with 11 years experience.

You can find HC on these social medias:

My story behind Northern Workshops

I created Northern Workshops in early 2016 as an development of my local workshop business in Denmark called "Fotograf Workshop" (translated: Photographer Workshop). For 5 years I taught basic photography, portrait photography and a array of flash photography to over 150 participants. I loved teaching the participants and I could see that within a few hours they would evolve to a new level of photography but more important they would also gain new networks/friendships among the other participants.

There was quite a lot of other photographers doing the same thing as I was doing in "Fotograf Workshop" which meant that I had a hard time standing out in the "crowd" in regards to the other instructors. I decided something new had to happen!

In March 2014 I went to the Faroe Islands for the first time with my wife and her family. I was kinda "star struck" getting to the Faroe Islands as I hadn't imagine how breathtaking it was and yet so simple to go around to the different locations.

The images below are from the 2014 trip
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It is always very challenging to launch a totally new product but this process wasn't new to me and therefor Northern Workshops took off quite fast which meant that in April 2017 we went with our first group. Granted I had a quite few nerves on with taking 7 photographers to the Faroe Islands and having to make 100% sure that everything was perfect. Lucky enough everything panned out exactly as planned and we have had some incredible feedback from our participants!

I was so inspired by meeting photographers with very different backgrounds from all over the world and all of us just enjoying the same common interest in photography. We took 7 photographers with us (sold out workshop) and they came from England, USA, Denmark and Norway. Seeing almost a full years work coming together over the course of 5 days and then going home with the best feeling was just a blast for me!

The images below is from the 2017 workshop
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Whats next for northern workshops

It's no secret that every spot on our workshops counts - we need full workshops to also make it a good business which is of course also important when running a business. For me it's always the "hard part" of being a business person - pushing the product out to the clients/participants. I continue to try new stuff and I learn every day about the process.

For the next workshop in April 2018 I have tried a new and a bit different approach which is connecting with known brands within photography. I have been working on getting these deals in place for Northern Workshops and I can't even believe that I managed to do it in the end. So the goal now is to get a full workshop for April 2018 with another 7 incredible photographers and show them how great the Faroe Islands is.

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When I started this project I set a goal to only have 1 or 2 workshops scheduled at a time - it's a quality control thing. I am starting to look for a second locations around the North Atlantic Sea to have an alternative to the Faroe Islands - it's just a part of developing Northern Workshops to the next level. I am open to ideas on where to create the next workshop!

So that's my story behind my adventure with Northern Workshops. I truly love this relative small company I have and all the joy it brings along. Don't be afraid to reach out to me on my social media accounts - I'm always up for a chat with a fellow photographer!

Thanks for reading a bit of my story behind Northern Workshops.


Hans Christian Strikert
Founder, photographer and instructor at Northern Workshops