Be fast and get cheap airfare tickets to the Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands workshop in April 2017

As we are getting closer to our landscape photography workshop to the Faroe Islands in April 2017 the window is also closing for cheap airfare tickets to the Faroe Islands.

As you can read from our workshop site airfare tickets are not included in this workshop as our participants are from all over the world. Therefor it's time to book your seat to our workshop so you can also get the cheap airfare tickets.

Atlantic Airways

There aren't that many companies flying to the Faroe Islands and the main one is Atlantic Airways which flyes from the major airports in Europe.

If you book your seat to our Faroe Islands workshop before the end of October you will still be able to book round trip tickets (if available) for as low as 190 euros from Copenhagen Denmark.

So hurry up and book a seat to our workshop - we only have 4 seats left!