Next workshop 19th - 24th May 2019

Our 5-day photography workshop to the Faroe Islands is by far our biggest and strongest workshop. We have made a strong workshop which will carry every participant through topics as landscape-, wildlife-, night photography and much more.

This workshop is for the passionated photographer who wants to go on an adventure with fellow photographers and share the same passion together.

A part of our workshop is also to embrace the amazing nature that still can be found at these unique locations. Faroe Islands has everything when it comes to nature - you will see amazing mountain landscapes, beautiful waterfalls and streams, remote locations without much human interference, outstanding wildlife (especially bird wildlife), astrophotography and much more. The main focus of the workshop is landscape photography and the different aspects within that genre.

We have included all expenses in the price while you are on the Faroe Islands!

We are two highly skilled and motivated instructors and as we only have room for 7 participants that gives the opportunity for loads of one-on-one guidance from the instructors.

Our next workshop to the Faroe Islands will be held from 19th of May 2019 to the 24th of May 2019 - both days included!

€ 2,995
Early bird deal € 2,695

19th - 24th May 2019

Group size
7 participants

Places available
Only 5 places left

4.5 star Hotel Føroyar (5 nights)

Workshops also includes
Full day trips, access to map service, access to e-learning portal, 5 nights at the hotel, all meals and beverages, class room sessions, transportation on the Faroe Islands + much more.

We promote our workshop as a full package!

Our Faroe Islands photo workshops includes a lot of different products.

We want to emphasize that a big part of our workshops is the social aspect of sharing a common interest in photography with other photographers. We have participants from all over the world and you will make new friendships among the other participants and instructors. 

  • Full day adventures every day with different aspects of landscape photography.

  • Hands-on instructions and review on the different locations.

  • A unique opportunity to gain new friendships and learn from your fellow photographers.

  • Room for maximum 7 participants.

  • Classes with many different subjects - f.ex. composition, landscape photography, northern light photography (if possible), sunrise- and sunset photography and much more.

  • Post processing workflow in Adobe Lightroom CC and when needed Adobe Photoshop CC.

  • Open discussions and critique sessions within the class room.

  • 5 nights included at the 4.5 star Hotel Føroyar.

  • Food and beverages are included for the whole workshop.

  • Participants will get access to our interactive map with all our "secret" locations and much more.

  • Closed Facebook group for all participants and instructors to share informations, images, tutorials and much more.

  • Participants will get full access for our online e-learning portal.

  • NEW: Exclusive 20% discount on Spark triggering system from Alpine Labs.

  • NEW: Instructors are Manfrotto Ambassadors and will be bringning extra tripods to the workshop.

Our workshop starts Sunday morning. 

Arrival is on Saturday the 19th of May 2019. 

The schedule is very packed but there is a very good flow through the days and we are prioritizing that we have the necessary time at the different locations so nothing is rushed.


Day 1 - Arrival & Meetup

We all arrive on the Faroe Islands so that we are ready for the workshop to begin the next morning.

We will have a meet and greet in the late afternoon follow by a joint dinner.

If it looks like it's gonna be a nice sunset, we might sneak out for that and get a head start on the workshop.

Day 2 - Streymoy & Vágar

The day starts out with a welcome session at the hotel at 9 AM. The session takes one hour.

After this we will enjoy a full day on Streymoy and Vágar with some prime locations especially Gásadalur on Vágar!

In the evening we will have dinner and the first class session with post-processing. 

We meet again around 11 PM where we head out for a night shoot at Saksun.

Day 3 - eysturoy & Streymoy

After a long day the previous day we will have a late start around 11 AM where will head of to Eysturoy.

We will have a full day on Eysturoy and Streymoy on the way back. 

In the evening we will have our first sunset shoot on Streymoy.


Day 4 - Streymoy

This is one of our longer days as we start out with a sunrise on a stunning location on Streymoy near our hotel.

After breakfast we will head out for a full day shoot on multiple prime locations on Streymoy especially Saksun is high on our "best locations list".

The day ends with a sunset shoot on one of our "secret" locations on Streymoy.

Day 5 - Streymoy & Vágar

Last full day on the Faroe Islands and we will of course start the day with a sunrise shoot on a new location on Streymoy.

We have saved some of the best locations for the last day! We will go to Vágar for a revisit to Gásadalur and then the hike out to Sørvágsvatn along the lake Leitisvatn.

The day will end with a long class room session where we will go through the post-processing workflow again.

Day 6 - The goodbyes :(

Yes, a part of this workshop is unfortunately to say goodbye at some point - whether we like it or not.

We need a bit of feedback from you as a participants and then we want to make sure that everyone is connected with each other. 

The workshop ends at 10:00 AM and we will be able to provide a lift to the airport for the ones leaving the same day.

The schedule may change due to the changing weather conditions.

The price for this 5 day workshop to the Faroe Islands is only € 2,995

We are including everything while you are on the Faroe Islands!

We have tried to make everything as simple as possible when it comes to our pricing of this workshop. When you are on the Faroe Islands everything is included - all nights at the hotel, all meals and beverages (not minibar or bar) and all transportation.

We are staying at the best hotel on the Faroe Islands which is the +4 star Hotel Føroyar and everyone is getting their own room.

It's possible to upgrade to a double room if you are two joining the workshop or if you want to bring a family member to the Faroe Islands. This will lower the price a bit if you are two joining the workshop and if you are bringing a family member we have a great deal for you. Please contact us directly for these prices.

We do not include airfare to and from the Faroe Islands as we have participants from all over the world - last workshop we had participants from Norway, Denmark, England and USA. Airfare tickets to the Faroe Islands are extremely cheap and you can get round tickets for as low as € 160 from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Payment are made in full by either credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. We are running all payment methods without any transactions fees at our end. Your booking is confirmed when we have received payment. If you for some reason want to cancel your booking we will do everything in our power to find a new participant for the spot but a full cancellation is only made when the place is taken by a new participant. 

If you have any questions about our pricing, payment or anything else in this regard don't hesitate to contact us directly.

Pricing is fixed and payment must be made in euros.

We get a lot of questions about gear requirements for the workshop which is of course very understandable.

Don't worry no matter what gear you have you can attend this workshop and get the fullest out of it!

A good health and being fit for hiking on steep hills is a must for this workshop as we are going to do quite a bit of hiking to get to the right spots. We are not in any way going to hike/climb on mountains - we will be following paths or else most moist/wet surfaces such as grass and moss.

We try not to set to many requirements for the workshop but instead recommendations - a strong recommendation is a set of good leather hiking boots that goes above the ankles to protect the joints.

In regards to camera gear we do recommend a high quality tripod system that can withstand a bit of wind without moving. When it comes to camera gear we mostly recommend to have a good variety of lenses preferably from the range around 16mm to 200mm.

The key sentence when it comes to gear is portability - that means you will need to have a good camera backpack which can hold all of your gear and is easy to access. 

A full gear requirement and recommendation list will be send out with the confirmation mail after you sign up. If you have any questions about this before signing up don't hesitate to contact us.